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Big Plans for Better Cancer Treatment

Art E Favre has always had big plans. Nearly 40 years ago, he started an industrial construction company.  Today, Performance Contractors receives top customer satisfaction and safety ratings, has grown to employ 7,500 people in 30 states, and routinely ranks in Business Report’s Top Private Companies. Now, Favre has [...]

Healthy Eating: Just for Men

By McHugh David The top ways for men to meet an untimely end fall into three categories: heart disease, cancer, and unintentional injuries. In an effort to give the average guy a fighting chance, Pennington Biomedical Research Faculty put together a study on Men’s Health as part of their ‘Nutrition [...]

Can video games have health benefits for kids?

Exergaming combines the video games kids love with physical activity they need for good health. A new study from LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center showed for the first time that video games, in combination with fitness coaching and a step tracker, helped overweight children lose weight, lower their blood pressure and cholesterol and [...]

Changing the Culture: Eating for You, Not for Two

For many generations, society has embraced the idea that pregnant women are “eating for two.” That old adage is frequently invoked as mothers-to-be are encouraged to abandon restraint and overindulge in every food craving in the name of nutrition. It might have been sound advice back in the 1950s. Back [...]

Finding Answers for Future Generations

Husband Pushes Back against Wife's Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis by Investing in Research to Find a Cure. John Kovich made a career out of solving problems. For more than 34 years, the chemical engineer applied a combination of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematical principles to meet the daily challenges that arose [...]

Flower Power

Weeds and wildflowers. They’re yanked with impunity out of vegetable gardens. They’re doused in pesticides to banish them from urban sidewalks. They’re maligned as a nuisance and brushed aside in favor of their more glamorous, colorful, cultivated cousins. But, more than ever, it seems some of these weeds and wildflowers [...]


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